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The Dude - Campbell's Goodwill Ambassador

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All About The Dude

The Water Tower Dude, originally drawn by Terje Nordberg and gifted to the Chamber, first made his appearance as an icon for the Campbell Chamber around 2016. The Water Tower Dude’s likeness continues to promote Chamber festivals, Celebrate Campbell and our golf tournament. 

This year, The Dude finally ‘came to life’ and will now be attending events, celebrations and festivals in person, spreading goodwill in and around Campbell. The Dude loves hanging out in Downtown Campbell, and especially loves the Oktoberfest Biersch Garten so he can wear his bespoke lederhosen. 

The Dude reminds you to always stay hydrated and to “just go with the flow, Dude!” The Dude's favorite foods are watermelon and Bavarian pretzels, and the Dude loves a refreshing cocktail of water on the rocks. 

The Dude loves taking selfies with people and giving high-fives and fist bumps, so be sure to grab a picture anytime! 

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